Garlic Baby Balm
Garlic Baby Balm
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Garlic Baby Balm

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  • Quality sealed bottle
  • Perfect for first aid, gift, work, school
  • Product approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM)
  • KKM: NOT190605497K

🌱100% Organic
❌No garlic odor
❌No heat sensation

Specially formulated to naturally and effectively reduce and relieve any respiratory related ailments such as cough, flu, sinus, phlegm, difficulty in breathing, asthma etc. It clears nasal congestion thus able to breathe better during sleep.

Combo option complementary products also available:

Combo 9

    Garlic, Olive Oil, Beeswax

    Suggestion for use:

    ✔️Use daily for prevention
    ✔️Rub a thin layer of balm on forehead and nasal bridge
    ✔️Rub and massage balm gently on chest and back, on calf and the sole of the foot


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